Dear all,
I am sending you the following press release regarding the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK” and its UN perspective.
Ioannis Tosounidis


Ioannis Tosounidis is inviting people (and not the usual disapproving trolls and left-o-right “tagmata efodou”) for next Friday 21-7-2017 12,00  in Thessaloniki, in front of the Medical Council of Thessaloniki in the Aristotelous Square, where  he is going to demand his files from the Medical Council of Thessaloniki in order to get a transfer to the Medical Council of Piraeus. He is not going to publish the preliminary emails between him and the MC of Thessaloniki  of the last month ( in order “να μη γελάσει και το παρδαλό κατσίκι“) in which  no one from the part of MC of Thessaloniki dares to put their  name in the correspondence but it has been already said by the Medical Council of Thessaloniki that they are not giving the transfer the  papers. It is up to state, European and international organisations to deal with this. Ioannis Tosounidis makes the public aware that officers of Branch of Thessaloniki as well as doctors of Serres and Athens, will go to jail for misconduct anyway.

However Ioannis Tosounidis invites people who want to protest against the dictatorship in Greece and the cases of other doctors such as Douridas and Papa-Nikolaou  as well as he invites journalists from Greece and abroad and he will try to respond questions about the case.

Ioannis Tosounidis