Dear Sir, Madam

This correspondence is sent in English because it will be sent to the relevant Office of the European Commission.

I am writing this letter in order to report the practices of the TAXI drivers  of Athens.
I am attaching the photo taken by me showing a TAXI that although without any passengers did not top to take new passengers upon request. This happened today 10/7/2017 at the Leoforos Poseidonos at 8.51. You can recognise the plates, identify the TAXI-driver and I expect  because of this complain to contact his company and  release him from duties.
This letter is sent to you but also the European Commission in order to simplify the complete dismissal  procedure for TAXI drivers and not penalties of 2-5-10 days of release of duties. It will be also beneficial to keep a record of incidences of any nature and then release them from duties when this happens twice.
It is noticed by me that TAXI drivers

1. Do not provide paper receipts for their services (hence there is a suspicion for tax evasion) .
2. They donot stop although they are free to work.
3. They carry more than one passengers.
I ask the Commission to make the complete dismissal of any reported TAXI-driver who receives a complaint  from a passenger (it is very easy to get the plates of any TAXI-driver who is to be dismissed).

Ioannis Tosounidis