Press Release of Prince Tosoun VIII to SKAI at 3, 4-7-2017

Prince Tosoun VIII thinks that the Tsipras’ regime will get no sympathy from the international community for the 7 years of self-imposed austerity. It is inevitable for Greece  to break into a “drachma-regime” soon and kiss goodbye to all things European. As far as the ”tagmata efodou” is concerned they do not scare anybody (they are more like interesting spectacles, like the Morris dancers in England), although secretly foreign citizens and tourists  in Greece wish to have their citizens involved in episodes with them , in order to start deporting Greek citizens from their states. Wouldn’t it be though more productive to have, instead of “tagmata efodou” (who are teamed with youth and “les miserables” who haven’t seen a euro for a decade)  to have punk groups singing “no future” or  support teams of the Lannister (Tosoun), Targaryen (Gluxburg) and Tyrell (Osmanoglu) to make things more interesting?


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