Communication sent to the Medical Association of North Carolina and the newspaper of  North Carolina Gaston Gazette


 Dear Sir / Madam

I am attaching correspondence related to the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs Great Britain”. This correspondence was sent to me  by the Peiraius Chamber of Physicians and the Panhellenic Medical Association is aware of it. As you can see from the correspondence since 7.6.2017, the Greek state has initiated  “good standing” certificate for the Greek doctors who want to keep their license to practice. This includes “good standing” from states in which  they worked abroad. Therefore, if a foreign state does not wish to provide a Greek doctor  with a certificate of a “good standing” for his reservation (no matter how long) abroad, he loses his license to practice in Greece. This could be relevant to physicians-Greek citizens who are currently working in the US  and who are in need of a “good standing” from the US to keep as a doctor admitted in Greece.

Best regards


Ioannis Tosounidis