Dear sir, madam



This correspondence is sent in English since it is going to be part of international tribunal and is going to be checked out by lawyers cognisant of International law proceedings. It will also be published as well as  classified and kept in my archive.

I called you yesterday on the 14-6-2017 around 9;00. I spoke to an officer of Administration Office of Medical Council of Thesssaloniki and after this to  the Head of the Administration Office of the Medical Council of Thesaloniki. The Head did not want to identify herself and despite the repetitive tries to check  her name out, she  was reluctant to give it. However as I said it is easy to find it online.

I firstly explained the reason I called you, which is that I am waiting for you to send the papers of transfer from the Medical Council of Thessaloniki to the Medical Council of Peiraius, as the latter asked. Your officer said that she was  not aware why this transfer has not been made the last 2 months. Then I explained to her that the  transfer papers which were sent to the Medical Council of Athens in July 2014 were erroneous since in them there was a clause which was saying that my economic duties against the Medical Council of Thessaloniki were not fulfilled. Then I explained to you that I have in my possession 3 receipts of the 1st and second semester 2013 and the 1st semester 2014 signed by Mr TSAOUSIDIS who prove that I have paid the Medical Council of Thessaloniki for the whole period in which I was subscribed in it. Then you said something that for the last 10 years no one  called Mr Tsaousidis had worked in Medical Council of Thessaloniki. At this point I urged you to concentrate on your words and keep in mind the LEGALITY of your sayings in the perspective of this conversation being part of the proceedings of the Inspector of Public Administration of the Greek Republic and other European and international organisation. I also urged you to concentrate on my words since I am not willing to call you on the phone many times, therefore it is important to hear in what I am saying. I gave you the example of medical councils of France which during the period 2012-14 sticked to their own rules of administration  and legally  granted me registration as a doctor in  their state. I also said to you that any correspondence I may receive form you has legal value and may find immediately its way to the General Inspector of Public Administration’s office and beyond.

Then the head of department of Administration of the Medical Council of Thessaloniki  intervened and while she was constantly aggressive and rude  refused to give her credentials. She said that the department sent the papers of transfer once to Athens and they have nothing to do with it. I told her that it was the Medical Council of Peiraius which lawfully demanded  the papers and that the Medical Council of Thessaloniki has to submit  the legal documents.

Then I said to her that I am expecting from the Medical Council of Thessaloniki to answer in WRITTEN  form to my emails, that any written  email can be potentially a legal document and that it is in the interest of administration officers to follow their rules because 4 doctors who signed the refusal of my registration in the Medical Councils of Athens and Serres are already being investigated for MISCONDUCT  in the setting of the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK” and its future escalation to UNCHR and beyond.


Kind regards