Kommunikation an die BE Ärztegesellschaft des Kantons Bern sowie die Zeitung des Kantons Bern „Bernerzeitung“


Pallaio Falliro, Griechenland,

Ref N Cor 0068/P/2017




Bitte sehen Sie  beigefügte, Brief gesendet an den General Medical Council des Vereinigten Königreichs und der Zeitung „Daily Mail“ des Vereinigten Königreichs am 4. April 2017.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Tosounidis Ioannis




 Athens,     1-4-2017

                                                                   Ref.N.Cor      0047/P/2017

To: the General Medical Council of the UK, as well as the newspaper “Daily Mail” of the UK


Dear Sir Madam


This communication is sent as continuation of the last correspondence sent  by me to the General Medical Council on the 9-7-2014 both to the Investigation Officer of the GMC Mrs Bejal and to the Correspondence department of the GMC, one day before the start of the final hearing in which the GMC had taken away my medical licence in the UK.

As I explained on this letter the GMC became part of a major “coverup” scandal of clinical mistakes, that is that of the patient C.N. which excision specimen I examined while at Cambridge University in 2011 and which I deemed to be a mesothelioma. However the Director of the Pathology Department Dr O Donovan had diagnosed previously this as an adenocarcinoma and the patient had already received other treatments. In that respect  orchestrating a spontaneous  clinical review of my work  in which the GMC and the Royal College of Pathologists have participated are “backlash” and  fraudulent procedures which in the light of Brexit will be taken into account by relevant Medical Organisations and Institutions of Europe.

Their mechanism that which is also part of civil proceedings will be subject of legal notice.

This correspondence due to its gravity will be sent  to most Medical Organisations of the globe.

Kind regards


Ioannis Tosounidis