Dear Sir, Madam
Thank you for your email. I am referring to the case with ref 101000155225 and your reply of the 11-5-2017 which I am attaching.  I am noticing that your email is not signed by somebody therefore its validity may be questionable.
Although the ECHR may not be an EU body as you
are surely aware of acts as a judicial review body through constitutional
pathway for the signing members (after termination of domestic legal
proceedings). Therefore it is THE ONLY EU institution which can deal with
individual civil cases by way of judicial review and under the current EU
structure cannot be bypassed. That means that defacto plays an supra-state
civil role for the EU too. Therefore although your answer is noticed and
archived it is not accepted and my recommendations given the gravity of the
64036-14 and 33900-15 ECHR case will be sent to the organizations mentioned.
I also make aware of that this case had not been canonistically  presented
as yet to the UNCHR.

Kind regards

I Tosounidis