Palaio Falliro,      4-5-2017

                                                                   Ref.N.Cor      0061/P/2017



For the attention of the Judge of Grand Chamber representing Switzerland  Mrs Keller. This was also sent to the  Medical Association of Switzerland (FMH) and  the newspaper of Switzerland “The Local”.

 Ioannis Tosounidis


Communication sent on the 29-3-2016 to the Switzerland-based “International Commission of Jurists” regarding the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs United Kingdom (Great Britain)” and Raimondi Guido



Re: the ECHR “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the United Kingdom (Great Britain)” and the ECHR




Dear Sir, Madam



I am writing this letter in order to highlight to you the ongoing complaint against the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) and the current President of the ECHR RAIMONDI GUIDO (with the subject of CORRUPTION) regarding the ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the United Kingdom (Great Britain)”.

Since Oct 2014 I have submitted constitutionally (after termination of domestic legal civil proceedings in the United Kingdom-Great Britain) the case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the United Kingdom (Great Britain)” for consideration to the ECHR. This case was submitted on the grounds of “unfair civil trial” and its background was a medical scandal of fabricated civil proceedings and a medical scandal affecting the United Kingdom (Great Britain)’s Cambridge University, the medical specialty of Histopathology and a regulatory scandal of the British state since. I have to remind you that this case so far generated a new civil organization in the United Kingdom – Great Britain (the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service out of the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom- Great Britain) and it was responsible for the stepping down of the previous President of ECHR Mr Spielman who dealt with the case initially after its submission by me in 2014.

The case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the United Kingdom (Great Britain)” (which is a constitutional case for the United Kingdom-Great Britain) was rejected by the ECHR without any legal reasoning (although as you are aware the ECHR works on a constitutional basis for the signing members) and after an administrative error on the part of the Court (although suspicion of mishandling of my correspondence by the United Kingdom –Great Britain- was also raised).

The current judge RAIMONDI GUIDO refused to admit the legal responsibility of the case and the handling of the case and my case is not as yet accepted.

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This will be sent as an email and/or fax.

I Tosounidis