London, 6-1-2017




To The General Medical Council-UK


Dear Sir, Madam


I am writing to you regarding my subscription to the General Medical Council as a Consultant Histopathologist  with GMC  Reg Num XXXXXX. As you may be aware of, I have been erased for a period of 5 years by the Medical Register with the decision of the MPTS of the 17th of July 2014. I can remind you the correspondence sent by me to the Investigator of GMC Ms Bejal Sachdev and the Correspondence and Complaints GMC departments on the 9th of July 2014. Since, this case has been escalated as a case at the ECHR  64036/14 and 33900/15 “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK”. It has not yet been launched to the UNCHR.

Since the period of 5 years finishes July 2019 I would be grateful if you sent me in due course by post the procedure by which I can return to the Medical Register of the UK in 2019, if I so wish.

With regards


Ioannis Tosounidis