Letter sent to the “Organisation Internationale du travail” Paris Office and « Ministre des Affaires sociales et de l’emploi » of France  as well as the newspaper of France « Le Telegramme »




Dear Sir, Madam



I am writing this letter to you in order to draw your attention and ask for your support regarding the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK”.

In short is a medical  scandal affecting the UK with regards to employment issues of doctors in the UK but also the EU.

In particular I would like to draw your attention to the peer review of workload of workers  when there is no actual need and without pre-liminary investigation done locally with dead-lined statement of the accused (which can be used in order to fabricate investigation in order to “de-skill” and  “assassinate professionally” labourers) and also the use of Interim Order Pannels from the side of the State in the setting of Industrial Tribunal with a worker  in order to “kill” the time of preliminary investigation, eliminating the chance of the worker to defend himself against the state (as per my case).

I would like to ask you to follow the continuation of this case (which is of extreme interest for you).

Ioannis Tosounidis