It is a very difficult period for the state of Greece but for the world too. Greece has entered for another period of her history  a dictatorship which oppresses the civil rights of the people of Greece. Prince Tosoun VIII is calling the people of Greece to resist against the various internal and external enemies of  Greece and organise the continuation of the state. Prince Tosoun VIII has received death threats in the British state and has seen his loved ones suffering in the Greek hospitals but the spirit is resolute. The plan of this dictatorship is to form a state of Greece within Europe with oppressive characteristics. The only way out is through resistance of the people. As long as fighting his own  battles against the  British  Crown Prince Tosoun VIII keeps an eye on his sour motherland. He invites the Greek people to shut down the mass media which are corrupt, not to believe the state lies   and find a way to communicate with him (needless to say that all his telephones are tapped by the Greek, British and others and his correspondence is compromised) and between them. Η δικτατορία δε θα περάσει.   Θέλει αρετή και τόλμη η ελευθερία.

 Prince Tosoun VIII