Press release to the newspaper “Salom” of Turkey regarding the coup and contre-coup


Press release of Prince Tosoun VIII regarding the coup and contre-coup in Turkey

It is obvious that the system of “indirect reverse social order” which had been established first in Greece (in 1821) and then in Turkey (1922) cannot keep going because with the 64036/14 and the 33900/15 case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK” breached it. The collapse of this in both Turkey and Greece will not lead to an Ottoman restoration (who had lost their war to the British in 1922 and became vassals to the crown of Britain) the same way the Yuan overthrowing  did not lead to Song restoration. However what is going to happen will be a matter of huge proportions.


Ioannis Tosounidis-Prince Tosoun VIII


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