Despite the constant correspondence of Ioannis Tosounidis regarding  the acceptance of the 64036-14 case “Ioannis Tosounidis vs the UK“ so far the ECHR and the President of the Court Mr Guido Raimondi  refused to assume responsibility of the-constitutional for the UK-case. The last correspondence of the court to me had been that of 21 December 2015. Since, I had been informing the press world-wide about this case. The fact that the UK is currently in the contemplative phase of leaving the EU will have minimal effect on this case (since the ECHR is not the EU) but given that aspects of the case (such as the guarantee of fair trial to citizens of foreign countries who live in the UK) are relavant to the EU and applicable to all the states of the EU, this case will play an important role to the future relationship of the UK with the EU.




Ioannis Tosounidis