Prince Tosoun VIII on UK’s FM Hammond΄s statement that “the Brexit procedure will last more than WW2”

Mr Hammond fails to acknowledge that with the 64036/14 and 33900/15 ECHR case the UK and the ECHR entered an “existential” danger zone from which either the ECHR or the UK will stop existing the way they were (that means that they entered an area “my life is your death”). On the other hand it is an illusion that Europe will side blindly  with the US and the UK in this conflict. It is also useless to think that this time (as opposed to WW2) the US will give a hand to the UK without rendering the UK in some sort of reverse colony- and Trump might have an idea or two regarding the monarchy in the UK. Fingers crossed then that the UK will be “fit” by the end of the Brexit’s procedure.


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