Complaint sent on the 28-6-2016 to the NICEIC of the UK (National Inspection Council of Electrical Installation Contracting), Scottish Power, Council European Energy Regulators and Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Ηλεκτρισμού Eλλάδας



Dear Sir Madam



I am writing this letter in order to complain and report the practices of the contractor Polarity Electrics Ltd, of which you are the Regulator.

On the 23/06/2016 I contacted the company in order to have the electrical facilities of my house checked, since the previous day there was a lightning in the vicinity of the House and we seemed to have the power cut off.

The address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

When the member of the PE came he inspected the electric box -without me being present for 20 minutes- and said that the meter of our house was faulty and that our meter was being bypassed. Then in order to give a certificate of electricity he asked to have the house “re-wired” a job that was going to cost 3,500 pounds.

After I checked with the supplying company – Scottish Power- old electrical bills, and the other current resident of the house, I have reason to believe that this contractor may have “faultered” the electric box meter in order to extort a job of re-wiring.

There is going to be an investigation but I would like to report this company in order  for you to make your own investigation and compare it with previous complaints.




Ioannis Tosounidis


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